“I don’t have time” is the most commonly used excuse for not exercising. Too tired in the morning; no time in the afternoon; exhausted in the evening. But the problem is actually the opposite. You shouldn’t ask yourselves “Why don’t I have time?”, but instead, “How do I find the time?”!

45 minutes of running straight of bed lets you capitalize on the effects of cortisol

Why the morning? This is what scientists say : the human body preforms under the influence of various hormones and their interactions keep the body in good working order. Exercise is a big part of hormone production.

So, in the morning, between 6AM and 8AM, our bodys’ cortisol levels peak. That means that our body wants to “power up”. It’s the stress hormone: it raises the body temperature and starts the machine on the chemical level (breaking down of sugars, fats and proteins) to supply energy to a body that’s been inactive for a while.

To capitalize on that, it’s ideal to go out for a 45-minute run. Just a quick workout before heading to work allows you to utilize the effects of the cortisol – essentially letting you burn more fat throughout the day.

Serotonin, endorphins, and the hormones cycle

The hormonal results of a morning run: boosted hormones. The most notable are: Serotonin, an anti-depressive and sleep regulating hormone; Dopamine, which increases alertness and reduces fatigue; and, of course, the famous, Endorphin, which gives you that subtle post-workout pleasurable sensation.

Just a few extra minutes under the covers will easily be overshadowed by the health benefits of exercising in the morning.

Cardio in the morning, lift in the evening

If your peak of cortisol is in the early morning, then you are at your strongest in the evening between 5PM and 7PM. Because of that, you should do cardio in the morning and strength train in the evening.

Be careful not to work out too late because you don’t want to elevate your body temperature late at night. It would disrupt your sleep schedule and make it harder to sleep in the first few hours of night. It’s those first few hours of deep sleep that promote hormone production  and relax muscles.

Well, as you can see, getting a little exercise in the morning will definitely make its benefits known to you.

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