Last time, we told you about hills, why they are fantastic opportunities to build strength and speed and how to embrace them. Remember? Now, if you are really tired of flat running, you can go a little bit further and take part in vertical races!

Vertical rush

Don’t even think about the elevator anymore, this new running trend is about running up the stairs. Thousands of people have taken part last year in a vertical rush all over the world. Run from the bottom to the top of a tower building to achieve your high objectives. This challenge is now part of a worldwide circuit, called the Vertical World Circuit.

The Vertical World Circuit 

Running up the stairs in 9 different cities from March to December, sounds like a really good deal. This is what the Vertical World Circuit (VWC) stands for. Created in 2009, the international sky running federation enables athletes to see from the sky the 9-host cities view. The cities hosting such an event are chronologically in the circuit, London, Dubai, New York (highest tower with the World trade centre), Paris, Manila, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. This circuit is the opportunity to get closer to Olympia, where the Greek gods belong, claiming for a seat there and as well to enjoy magnificent view of the host city from its highest point.

Benefits for yourself and others

Vertical running has always been linked to charity. By running up the stairs you will donate for a good cause, prevent homelessness or give education to disadvantage kids. Every stairs you take will be useful for others that need help, but also for yourself. We told you that already: incorporating hill reps into your workouts has many advantages: stronger legs, better endurance, and more overall strength. You can find more about those advantages but also training tips here

London Vertical rush

The London Vertical Rush is occurring in March 2017, so you still have time to practice and be ready to overcome 42 floors and 932 steps. This event takes place in Regus Tower and will ensure you an astonishing London’s view. Go check out the event website, if you are fancy achieving a solidary, original and challenging event. For sure, this would be different from anything you have ever experienced before :-)

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