Well, we are pretty sure you all know who is Usain “Lighting Bolt” Bolt, the fastest man alive (guys, Barry Allen is a fictional character), who holds the 100m world record as he ran it in 9.69 seconds. You might also know that the current 100m women’s world record of 10.49 seconds was set in 1988 by Florence Griffith-Joyner.

But do you already know about this top 10 of the following crazy but also funny world running records? Check this out!

1. Fastest 100m wearing ski boots

Time: 17.65 seconds
Where: Augsburg (Germany)
When: 30 March 2014
Who: Andre Ortolf

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Photo credit: Richard Bradbury/Guinness World Records

2. Fastest 1 mile run wearing swin fins

Time: 5minutes 48,86 seconds
Where: Brunswick (Unites States)
When: 01 July 2014
Who: Zachary Miller

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Photo credit: unknown

3. 100m running on all fours record

Time: 15.86 seconds
Where: Tokyo (Japan)
When: 12 November 2014
Who: Katsumi Tamakoshi


Photo credit: Guinness World Records

4. Longest crochet chain whilst running a marathon

Time: 5 hours, 40 minutes and 47 seconds
Where: London (UK)
When: 13 April 2014
Who: Susie Hewer

Photo credit: Guinesss World Records

Photo credit: Guiness World Records

5. Greatest distance run on sand in 24 hours

Distance: 215.65 Km
Where: Destin, Florida (United States)
When: 17 February 2013
Who: Joe Fejes

Photo credit: Low Country Ultras Facebook page

Photo credit: Low Country Ultras Facebook page

6. Treadmill distance run in 12 hours

Distance: 132.9 KM
Where: Derby (UK)
When: 27 February 2016
Who: Jonathan Kinder

Credit photo: Derby Telegraph

Credit photo: Derby Telegraph

7. Fastest marathon-running with an egg and spoon

Time: 3 hours and 47 minutes.
Where: London (Uk)
When: 23 January 1990
Who: Dale Lyons of Meriden

Credit photo: Birmingham Mail

Credit photo: Birmingham Mail

8. Largest charity walk

How many: 175 509
Where: Manila, Quirino, Grandstand (Philippines)
When: 15 February 2014
Who: Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ)

Photo credit: Joven Cagande

Photo credit: Joven Cagande

9. Fastest marathon in a wedding dress (male)

Time: 3 hours and 54 seconds
Where: London (Uk)
When: 13 April 2014
: Lee Goodwin

Photo credit: Lee Goodwin

10. Greatest distance run by a relay team

Distance: 5639.5 Km
Where: Newry (Uk)
When: 08 August 2012
Who: Keep on Running

Photo credit: Bellurget Jean Louis/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Photo credit: Bellurget Jean Louis/The Image Bank/Getty Images

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