It’s useless to reiterate the health benefits that running has on your body (but, just really quickly, for fun: healthier cardiovascular and immune systems, more stamina, a toned body, a better outlook on life …). That’s not all though! Running has psychological benefits as well. Here are 3 examples.

After a run, “it just feels right!”

We all know that wonderful feeling after a run… Under strain, our bodies release endorphins that are like natural morphine. It’s simple, a run lets us relieve stress. We let go of all the stress in life, forget all the problems, and just feel right! That sensation is also accentuated by the “good fatigue” that counterbalances psychological fatigue that we feel too often after a day of work in front of a computer.

We boost our self-confidence

Running is an excellent source of confidence. First of all, it’s a sport that shows results: progress is immediately visible, and in the space of just a few months you can go from “I can’t go on after 10 minutes” to “I run 10 kms every Sunday”. But that’s not all! By taking on challenges and setting goals, you realize that you are far more capable than you originally thought; you can do it if you put your mind to it (and train a bit of course).

“All in good time”

You are probably a part of the majority that “never has time”. We are all exhausted with a million things to do every hour of the day, between family, friends, significant others, work, ect.

Paradoxically, though, taking the time to go for a run gives you more balance in life. Running allows you to take some time for yourself or take back control during hard times. It is the most accessible sport. You can run anywhere, anytime, no matter what your plans, all you need is a little motivation and a good pair of running shoes.

 So, are you now motivated enough to take care of your body and mind? It’s now or never!

Just a bonus: there are also great benefits from group runs. You can meet new people, make new friends, and feel better in your shoes! Running together gives you support. Loneliness isn’t an issue and it gives you a break from the “I have to do everything myself” mentality that’s so prevalent in our society…. at least, this is what we think at! If you agree, you can download our free app, organise your runs and invite your friends (old and new)!

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