A lot of people are confused on what to eat after working out. Here are some tips to keep workout gains and maximize recovery.

Wait for and profit from the metabolic window

About 20 – 30 minutes after exercising, the metabolic window opens. The lag is the amount of time that your body needs to switch from “exercise mode” to “recovery mode”. While waiting, make sure you hydrate.

Why should you wait for the metabolic window? During the window your body can absorb nutrients, notably protein, used for muscle recovery, faster. This allows you to digest and absorb more nutrients without putting on fat. You recover better. A good post workout snack could be a banana and some rice.

After a workout: bananas, dry figs, potatoes

Bananas are the best food to eat after a workout. They allow you to replenish your stock of glycogen. Bananas are an alkaline fruit, which helps you fight the acids that build up in your muscles after a workout.

Potatoes, cooked with water and a bit of olive oil, are also a great alternative because they have the same effects as bananas. It’s not very appetizing in the morning, but it’s the best after an afternoon or evening run!

Dried figs are equally as good an option because of their glucose content. It’s an excellent post workout snack that you can have anytime, without any effort.

A good idea: a homemade smoothie

Homemade smoothies are excellent for recovery. It’s the best way to get nutrients from fruits.

The first recipe was invented by Olympic swimming champion, Summer Sanders, for her running sessions: 240mL of sugar free almond milk, 1 ripe banana, 4 pitted dates, and a tea spoon of organic honey. Yummy!

The second allows you to fill up on nutrients with 500 mL of water, some beets, some cranberries, 200g of spinach, a teaspoon of organic honey, and some grated ginger. Don’t hesitate to put some ice in the mix as well.

And don’t forget: training is nothing without adequate nourishment. Pay attention to what you eat if you want to achieve your goals!

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