Raise your hands if you take or used to take an antidepressant. Rest assured, we’re not about being against medication, but to explore other possibilities.

Antidepressant in response to emotions

In discussing this subject with many people in the past year, one constant in responses has been quickly established: some people take antidepressant without a diagnosis; or even more concerning, it’s not rare that many people abuse antidepressants, taking a little pill for every anxious, stressful, or emotional moment. It’s as if we no longer have the right to be emotional, stressed, or anxious – “Doc, I don’t feel well inside, please take care of me so I can be normal.”

Move to be well!

Unfortunately, many people who take antidepressants are not very (or even at all) active. Did you know that moving your body, particularly by running, can activate endorphins? That’s the “drug” which your body produces which results in the legendary “runner’s high”. Even the name of this hormone is literally constructed from the combination of “endo-” and “-orphin”, which is intended to mean “a morphine-like substance from within the body”. The name does not exaggerate the positive feeling of the hormone – endorphins inhibit the transmission of pain signals, and can produce a feeling of euphoria.

It’s not rare to come across people who began running for this reason – to better manage stress and emotions. Yes, running can become a drug… but its side effects are only positive: having more energy, being in better physical shape, losing excess weight, and having the amazing feeling of being strong!

To sum it all up: the next time when you are feeling sad, anxious, frustrated, stressed, or anything really, lace up your sneakers and get outside!

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