Does exercising feel boring to you? The Rabble social club is the key to your problem.

Rabble social what?

Rabble social club is a club making exercise fun again. No more traditional fitness classes with them; it’s now substituted by games. Rabble offer team games for fitness such as dodgeball, ultimate Frisbee, British bulldog or zombie hunt and many more. Those games are as efficient as conventional fitness exercises; the intensity effort makes it a great physical exercise. Thanks to rabble you’re exercising the same amount as when you were a kid. You’d always play in team to enhance the social experience of every player and end up afterwards in a pub to cheer up with your teammates and opponents from the session.

Rabble’s philosophy

To give you a sense of the philosophy of the club, they are organizing a world record attempt at British Bulldogs on the 24th July at 2pm on Clapham Common. This club’s mottos is devoted to fun, camaraderie, positivity, and athleticism. Go check out their website to find out more about those carefree games and challenges.

Helpful team games

Charlotte Roach an international athlete competing in triathlon-founded rabble. She discovered that people were struggling to practice fitness, she figured out that those exercises were lacking something… it’s wasn’t fun anymore. She therefore designed series of team game based on high intensity, to make fitness fun and enjoyable. Those games were built to make you exercise but also to make you think, rules are changing while the game is playing to activate simultaneously your brain and body.

Rabble presence in the public

Rabble started in London and had been developed in Manchester. They also have some events in Brighton, Chester, Sheffield, Cambridge, and Liverpool. The sessions are happening once a week and are open to everyone. There is no restriction to be part of the game, whatever your physical conditions are, as long as you are willing to have fun in-group. The only thing is to sign up with the club and pay the membership fees to take part in the sessions.

There are even meetings among teams in different city to add some competition to the games, it always remains very friendly though.

If you’re feeling tired of classical fitness and would like to be part of a super social crowd on and off the field, go check out Rabble club. Don’t forget whatever the way you’re exercising, work hard, play hard but mostly enjoy hard

Check Rabble’s website now:

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