A drunken bet that led to a Worldwide Race

ÖtillÖ race became the Holy Grail in the aquathlon world. It all started in 2006 in Sweden, with the bet among 4 friends challenging each other while drunk…This bet was running and swimming through the fjords for 75KM in Sweden.

It’s now became an international brand, they expanded the race principle over their frontiers. The Swedish edition is the most famous one and will remain the most original and therefore the hardest of them all.

Such a hard success to contain

The ÖtillÖ race was such a success it attracted people all over the world. Participants had to fulfil some conditions in order to be eligible for such a tough race that asked for competency and full skills in running and swimming. For the latest editions in Sweden, there was even a lottery for participants because of the excessive number of applicants. Triathletes got so crazy about this challenge that is as enjoyable to them than an Ironman.

Worldwide and disciplinary expansion

Because of this excess of success, the ÖtillÖ organisation decided therefore to expand and create others events in Europe. They extended in Sweden with 2 additional races, 2 in the UK, 2 in Germany and 2 in Switzerland.

They then created a worldwide circuit, meaning each leg enable participants to get points for the final leg, in Sweden where it all started.

If you have always been keen on those disciplines but never tried doing it, you might be able to. The ÖtillÖ organization just created a sprint event, way shorter than the original event. The sprint is between 13 and 15K, with 5 sections of running and 5 of swimming.

It still remains a tough event, but it’s the opportunity to check what you’re capable of and to discover new trails, landscapes and nature you would never expect to see.

ÖtillÖ is about challenging Skadi, Viking Goddess of the sea, and Jörd, Goddess of the Earth, fighting in their elements as man to finish as a Viking.

The ÖtillÖ Swimrun Sprint Isles of Scilly (19th of June)

This event, is taking part in a wonderful area of the English archipelago, in the Isles of Scilly. You would swim in the Atlantic and run on the English grass – what could you ask more for?

You would experience the Islander’s life, away from the mainland living in a very conserved environment. This challenging event meant for beginners is an opportunity for you to experience something unique with the race, your stay and such an original environment.

If you ever take part in such an event, you might never come back to classic running, in a classic environment. This is such a life-changing event that you’d be proud you took :)

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