The summer has arrived and one may rush with diets and continue running many kilometers… Big mistake! Quick and sudden weight loss can be dangerous pour the body, so here are some of our solutions for avoiding unhealthy weight loss and get your beach bod ready.

What kinds of food to embrace for eliminating the extra pounds?

Unfortunately slimming down, before the summer or not, requires time and patience. But don’t panic! Whether you are 2 weeks or 2 months away from your vacation, our advice for you below will improve your well-being in your daily life, and help you avoiding unhealthy weight loss.

As far as food is concerned, here is the first tip: dinners of mono-diet. Not very well known but very effective, mono diet is about choosing only one detoxing vegetable (such as carrots or beets) to eat for your nightly meal. This may seem odd, but when it is done once or twice per week, it can give your stomach and intestines some relief. Your digestion will lighten up, and this diet will prevent the accumulation of toxins in your body. This may manifest itself as digestive problems, such as bloating – try mono-diet dinners to eliminate them!

For your daily nutrition, we recommend a “disassociated diet”, which is often used in detoxes. Two rules are absolute: 1. do not eat starch and animal protein in the same meal, and 2. always eat your veggies! In other words, it could be veggies and starch (e.g. quinoa, whole wheat pasta, or whole-grain rice) at noon, and veggies and animal protein – fish preferred – in the evening. Here also, the goal is to facilitate better digestion, and the smart division of foods will give your body all the nutrients it needs throughout the day.

One workout session optimized for the maximum impact

Since you’re already counting down to your vacation (and maybe even holding your bathing suits in anticipation), we’re here to help you optimize your work out sessions! Regular exercise is of course essential for toning up and eliminating the extra pounds. Strength training and cardio exercises are your allies: they are complementary and efficient. Contrary to some ideas, body building sharpens your body; then, follow with a good run.

Start with full body work outs such as planking, squats, and lunges or even deadlifts. Since these demand a lot of energy, you will be drawing from all of the reserve fat from your body. Next, go for a run – 45 minutes if you dare, or 20 minutes minimum for beginner – this is necessary to continue your efforts of fat-burning from body building. This is the perfect combo for effective, quick, and healthy weight loss.

One more thing for optimizing your work out: do it in the morning! More specifically, between 6-8am. That is when your hormone secretion is at its maximum, which permits your body to draw and burn even more fat. This is even more true if you work out on an empty stomach. However, this is more suitable for a moderate workout. Another great possibility is between 5-7pm. During this period, your body is regaining energy and the hormonal secretions will also help. Give it your all! This is the time for a long and intense workout of our combo of strength and cardio training.

Keep persisting with both the workouts and nutritional choices!

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