As we (really) enter the summer period, hydratation will now be center stage. Yes, we know it is important to keep hydrated, especially when you do sport. But as a runner, do you really know how to hydrate when you work out? Well here are some tips about hydrationand energy drinks.

What are energy drinks?

Energy drinks are necessary for a proper runner’s hydration when he is working out. It’s mainly composed of water, with the addition of carbohydrates which are easy to digest by the body, but also minerals.

Why using energy drinks?

Energy drinks are recommended for any sports, however they are more effective for endurance sport. Those drinks enable to keep you hydrated, avoid hypoglycaemia and reduce the feeling of tiredness.

Energy drinks are really important as well for recovery as they protect the stomach, minimalize the production of toxin and reduce the immune lack post effort.

What are the effects of dehydration?  

Feeling thirsty is the perception of being dehydrated. That’s why it’s really important to drink during the whole exercise, before being thirsty. Dehydration can have bad consequences for the runner. When you loose 1% of your weight in water you’ll feel thirsty, when it’s 3% of your weight you’ll injure your kidneys. They’ll struggle then to contain the water stock in your body. Those kidneys issues increase the blood toxin that cannot leave your body through urine. Hydration is therefore substantial for your whole system.

Beyond the 3% loss of your weight in water, the runner decreases his performance and can face symptoms even worst that can lead to a fainting fit or to a cardiopulmonary failure.

How should you hydrate while exercising?

Don’t wait until you are thirsty! You have to hydrate yourself for the whole exercising time and keep drinking afterwards for a proper recovery.

According to the effort intensity and the heat of the running session, you’d need between 1 and 3 liters per hour. It’s recommended to take some little sips regularly while running. Don’t ignore the hydration part of running in summer; it’s crucial for your health and well being.

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