Did you say retro running?

Does retro running means something to you? Have you ever heard of Garret Doherty, the 3 times world retro runner champion? Don’t worry we’ll proceed step by step to understand this unusual discipline!

So, have you ever thought about going backwards? Running backwards? I guess you did not… well here is some information and tips!

From the very beginning, we have always been going forward; yet, in this last 2 decades, new running trends appeared, and some people started to look backwards and even to run backwards. You might think this is a crazy way to run however by the end of this article you might change your mind.

Benefits of running backwards

Surprisingly, running backwards does have a multiple of benefits. You’d be able to run despite injuries as running backwards reduces effort on your legs, and less demanding on the usual groups of muscles used for normal running. After maintaining regular retro running, it could help achieve more-balanced legs muscles by exercising seldom-used muscle groups. You’d be required to rework your posture that you’d maintain upright.

Furthermore, running backwards is intense! You would burn as many calories with one step backwards as you would with ten steps forward – this would save time to the diet runners. Moreover, your vision would be more astute and wide, as you often need your peripheral vision. And finally you’d have more fun running in an original way.

Some things to consider

Running backwards would requires you to run in a safe environment where you do not need to look back for every step. It also requires you to run a relatively short distance, be careful about every step, and not be too ambitious and start running a marathon backwards.

Backwards activities

The Wacky Nation is an organizer of unique events such as the UK rock-paper-scissors championship and the world pancake racing championship. They established the UK Backward Running Championship between 2010 to 2013 near Manchester. This unorthodox race was complete with a charity purpose. The quirky fun of the event has drawn new enthusiasts, so the number of participants has grown every year. This event also happened in London and had several similar events around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!


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