The principle of cross training is becoming more and more known to runners. But what are the benefits, how do I start, and with which sports?

Alternate For Best Performance

Cross training is a simple concept: a runner incorporates complementary sports with running , which include weight training, swimming, and cycling. The idea is to do other sports that work with your running program. 

 Depending on their objective, anybody can find a good exercise to fit into their cross training. Sports that work your cardiovascular system heavily like biking, cross country skiing, and swimming can vastly increase your endurance, while other activities, more geared towards building muscle, like cross fit, can make you much stronger.

Change Your Training Program To Fit The Season

Cross training is particularly good for people that lean towards high intensity training because it reduces risk of injury by preventing excessive strain on a muscle or joint. But remember, you have to integrate other sports – to replace a run or some other workout. You mustn’t add yet another workout into your schedule.

Another advantage of cross training – changing your sports with the seasons. When it’s too cold, or too hot, to go out and run, a 45-minute swim can be a good substitute workout.. And there are times everybody wants to do something else besides run (really anything besides running… ). You can bike with your family, or try cross country skiing while on holiday.

Work In Some “Zen”

In general terms, all activities that allow you to develop your physical capabilities are good for a runner. We often think of endurance, but forget coordination and balance, which are also important parts of running. Calmer activities, like Pilates or yoga, are also very interesting. They allow you to develop concentration and flexibility, so thatour legs don’t end up as stiff as sticks.

 In summary, cross training allows for running longevity. If you want to maintain or improve your fitness, don’t hesitate to leave your running shoes at home, even if it’s hard !

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