Thinking of running a 5k this summer? Think again, and add some paint! Inspired by the Indian festival of colours, Holi, these fun runs are all the rage now. Regardless of your running experience, this could be a great time. Don’t worry if you’re not sure of where to start, we’ve got you covered.

The What and the Why

Although these events come in all shapes and sizes (5k’s being the most common), the fundamental idea is the same: a fun run with paint. Most of the time people begin the run wearing white, and end them significantly more colourfully thanks for the paint stations along the course. As you run, people splash food-grade coloured corn starch on you. As for the why, that is quite simple – they are fun! Most of these runs are not timed, and everyone can take part in the colourful fusion of fun and running – they are great for families, friends, or just yourself. As an added bonus, many of these runs benefit charities and worthwhile causes!

Still have some doubts?

Colourful runs have exploded in popularity throughout the world, thanks to the Instagram photos and Twitter updates of your active friends. Some runner may love the simplicity of the sport, and prefer focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. Even if you love the single-minded focus during your runs, and remain somewhat sceptical about having paint thrown at you, you could enjoy these events for their awesome atmosphere.

The convivial sense of excitement before the start is refreshingly different from the tense and anxious feeling of other starting lines. Wearing big smiles and white t-shirts, everyone is ready for a good time. The friendly nature of these runs really embodies what makes the running community so great in the first place.

The Where and the When (not exhaustive list)

The Color Run (5km)

London – 12/06/16

Manchester – 02/07/16

Glasgow – 17/07/16

Birmingham – 20/08/16

Brighton – 17/09/16

Charity: NSPCC Childline Service, a hotline for children who need support

Rainbow Run (5km)

Tredegar, Wales – 09/07/16

Pendine, Wales – 17/09/16

Charity: Ty Hafan, one of UK’s leading paediatric palliative care charities providing care for families across throughout Wales

Splash Dash (3km or 5km, very family friendly)

Birkenhead Park 3km – 09/07/16

Sefton Park 5km – 24/09/16

Charity: Claire House Children’s Hospice

The Colour Fun Run (5km)

Bristol – 02/10/16

Charity: Julian House, a local charity tackling the causes of homelessness

Let us know if you come across or recommend any other similar runs!

Now go get drenched in sweat, paint, or better yet, both!

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