Running has already given you (or is giving you) an endurance machine of a body! But that’s not enough? You want to start a war on the beach with your body, or simply want more endurance? Follow our tips with these 8 exercises that you can do at your house to complement your runs. You’ll see, adopting cross training, will make you stronger and give you more endurance.

The Plank

A must for runners! Plans reinforce your entire abdomen together and allow you to get better force transfer between the top and bottom portions of your body. This results in better general posture. We’ll demonstrate two plank positions.

  • Horizontal Plank


You rest in pushup position, with your elbows and forearms on the group, and a straight back. It tightens the buttocks and abs while locking the pelvis! It’s ideal to have perfect alignment between your ankles, pelvis, and shoulders.

  • Lateral Plank

Midnight Workout

Supporting yourself with one arm and feet on the ground, lift your pelvis. Always make sure to keep alignment in mind. Your body should be straight from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.

Push Ups

Workout your upper body with the classic push up that allows you to strengthen your arms, pectorals, and shoulders.

3 sets of 10 will give you a good start for a total of 30 reps during the exercise.

The Crunch

Another must for your abs! Align yourself on the ground with your back should be completely flat and legs bent in a 90-degree angle. Exhale while you move your shoulder blades from the ground up until your chest hits your knees. Don’t try to do this quickly, this is supposed to be a controlled movement.

Do 3 sets of 15 with one-minute rest


Fit teen girl wearing pink sportswear in a grey gym space warming up for exercise by performing a lunge

Straight back, take a big step so you have wide stance. Drop your knee so that it gets as close as you can without it touching. Alternate your legs.

Do 3 sets of 10 with one-minute rest between

The Chair

Put your body in a position like you were sitting in a chair – with you legs bent at 90 degrees – while using a wall for support. Hold the position. You can also do this at work instead of using your desk (we are not responsible for any of your coworkers’ words while you’re doing this though).

3 sets of seconds with 30 seconds rest

The Stair Climb

To get stronger calves and thighs, while improving your cardio. Always do stair climbs after warming up. Do about 30 steps for each set, but there are many possible exercises.

  • Walking straight up
  • Walking 2 steps at a time
  • Using only one foot to climb the stairs (take a step with you left leg and just bring your right to the same step, alternate between sets)
  • Hop up each step with your feet together (make sure not to fall!)

Get inspired by your superheroes

For this, there is nothing better than watching your superheroes best moments! And between us, running under conditions like rain, hail, storms, and snow is pretty impossible, so we are all already superheroes.

Tell yourself that nothing is impossible and dream!

Nothing can stop you: everybody is capable of having Batman’s abs. It’s your turn! You are runners, you are winners!

You will understand that these exercises (aside form giving you a godly bod) will also improve your running. All the more reason to work hard at them!

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